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The University of Salento is a member of IDEM Federation (IDEntity Management for federated access) provided by GARR. IDEM is the first Italian Federation of Authentication and Authorization Infrastructure (AAI) which is designed to allow users to access easily online contents and services provided by different education and research organizations.

IDEM Federation gives to end users the advantage of using a single password to access all the resources available through the Federation simultaneously simplifying access procedures that become fully independent from the place where the user is located.

The IDEM Federation, gives to University of Salento the opportunity to reduce costs for the management of the users information and the creation of new authenticated services and the possibility to control the processes of authentication and authorization.

Within the IDEM Federation, GARR acts as coordinator providing the core infrastructure and services and signing the contracts of adhesion.

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For problems related to credentials and authentication: or dorsale[AT]

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The services accessible through IDEM are made available to members and / or partners of the Idem Federation.
The system, in the case of an access to a federated service will release to it or to the specific service provider the following information:

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